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    The innovation process turns out to be intensely localized. — The Brookings Institute

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Way Better Patents

Purveyor of Patent Information | Builder of Custom Analytics | Crusader for Innovation

Way Better Patents is an information products and digital publishing firm delivering actionable, accessible, data-driven information and intelligence on today's rapidly changing innovation economy. Way Better Patents uses open data and proprietary analytics to deliver products and services focused on the nature and scope of invention, why patents are important, and the nature of 21st century innovation.
Way Better Patents™ combines its custom patent and innovation analytics with authoritative scientific presence data to help its users gain a deeper understanding of what is Coming Soon™ on the innovative landscape. The more you know about what is being discovered and created locally and the science and technology behind it, the more focused your business, economic, and workforce development efforts can be.

Scientific Presence

Scientific presence is a holistic look at inventive activity — an amalgam of geo-focused information about scientists, engineers, and technologists, R&D funding, who is paying for it and the science and technology being funded. One comprehensive profile for each US State.

The Details

Coming Soon Digests

Each week Coming Soon™ Digests present a state-by-state, town-by-town look at invention and innovation. The Digest reports on new inventions and patents, the inventors that earned them, the companies and universities that own them, and the science, technology, and engineering behind them because these patents are a guide to innovation coming soon.

The Details

The Map Room

Find Innovation In Your Neighborhood. The Map Room is a down to earth look at innovation with weekly State and National heat maps of the geography and topology invention. Research where to put your next outpost, scout for talent, understand regional innovation dynamics, or find new emerging markets with the Map Room.

The Details

The Latest

The latest articles and posts on inventions, patents, and the innovation economy, economic and business development, inventors, and innovators. A new way to look at the issues and players of the nation's IP-focused businesses, business models science and technology policy, R&D, scorecards and more.

The Latest

Economic Growth, New Outposts, New Markets

A GlobalBusiness is global. Innovation is local. Innovation and scientific presence are driven by people — a science and technology oriented workforce; the research universities, R&D and innovation focused businesses where they work; the presence of an infrastructure that supports collaboration and intellectual curiosity. Local organizations are closest to the institutions, firms, and people that drive invention and innovation. These organizations are uniquely positioned to convene, align, and support local inventors and companies to accelerate innovation and the economic growth it supports. But first you have to find them.
Patents Are Business Intelligence
Patents (and published patent applications) are one of the only publicly available sources of concise scientific information on the output of research and development, the planned use of the inventions, and new product design features. Read Way Better Patent's weekly digests so you'll know when local companies and inventors are granted patents. Find investment and partnership opportunities. Know what is happening in your technology parks. Understand the science and technology behind new university spin-outs and start-ups. Work with companies building new products to focus on new STEM job creation and enhance workforce development.
Use the Coming Soon™ Digest to reach out, recruit, retain, and grow.

Scientific Presence Profiles

The Foundation for Innovation

Scientific Presence Profiles

US Patent 1370316 - 1921
Scientific presence is the holistic view of the science and technology infrastructure that drives invention, patents, innovation, emerging new markets, new businesses and economic growth.
Each Scientific Presence Profile assembles a comprehensive set of inventive, demographic, economic, and business intelligence data about activity in a State. Easy navigation and ranking information enables side-by-side comparison of profiles. The easy to use charts, tables, and score cards present a picture of inventive and innovative trends, where R&D funding is coming from and what it is being spent on and which higher education institutions and research labs are benefitting from the funding. Demographic information helps identify talent pools and the depth of scientific, technical and engineering in the community.

A Deep Dive Into the Data

Way Better Patents continuously monitors the best research and important data sources on the innovation economy. Way Better Patents scientific presence information lets us present a picture of emerging inventive and innovative trends, new and emerging markets and the nature of R&D efforts. We take a deep dive to find the best data to deliver subscribers one comprehensive source of scientific presence information so they have deeper insight into the indicia of future economic and market growth in today's innovation economy.

Our Weekly Digests

A Weekly State by State, Neighborhood By Neighborhood look at new patented inventions
coin operated binoculars
Coming Soon™ Digests are state-by-state, town-by-town compendiums of the new patents granted each week — the foundations of new products, new businesses, and new markets. Way Better Patents delivers a 21st century analysis of inventive activity and the official US government tallies of key patent metrics.
The Digests catalog the inventors making new patent-worthy discoveries; the companies and independent inventors who own the patents, and information about the science, technology, and engineering behind them. Way Better Patents™ Coming Soon™ Digest covers domestic and global collaborations between inventors and companies working on the latest innovations and highlights new patents from each state every week.
Each Issue Includes:
  • The State of the State — A summary of inventive activity each week and year to date composites showing year over year performance in key inventive domains.
  • Box Scores — Easy to use box scores on key metrics and US and global rankings
  • The Entities — The local, national and international corporations, universities, government agencies, businesses, and other organizations working with inventors in your state.
  • Local Luminaries — A town by town look at inventors and companies and what they are inventing.
  • Collaborations — A breakdown of global collaborations — foreign co-inventorship and non-US patent owners working with local inventors.
  • Top inventions — a look at the Top Inventions for the week, the class of invention and the scientific details of each class of invention.
  • The Patents — Links to patent detail and downloadable PDFs of every patent issued each week.

Invention Spotlight

Each week the Digest’s Invention Illustrated section features summaries of representaive patented inventions from an inventor in the state and another from a patent owner identified as being from the state with links and drawings to let you go beyond the data and see the inventions.

The Map Room

Explore Innovation In Your Neck of the Woods

A Visual Tour of Invention

The Map Room publishes new State and National heat maps, visual tours of where invention is happening and the geography of invention. The Map Room's visually immersive maps show where inventors and companies are concentrated. The heat maps let you see how innovation is evolving; and find and pinpoint new and unexpected pockets of inventive and innovative activity.
This week's heatmap of Virginia inventors. This week's heatmap of Virginia assignees.
Virginia inventors (left) and Virginia companies, universities and entities (right) that received patents on March 31, 2015.

Outposts and Talent Pools

Way Better Patents creates highly focused, science and technology specific maps of talent pools and where emerging science is taking place. The maps provide talent scouts and site location professionals with actionable information on pockets of innovation to find talent, select locations for new outposts, or to mash up with economic and demographic data to spot new innovative clusters or find independent inventors and start-ups patenting inventions as the foundation of new innovative business ventures.

US map showing patent concentrations.

Domain specific heat maps help you identify new and emerging talent pools of inventors and innovative companies working on the new and important discoveries that can lead to new markets and products. Find the location of inventors working in broad categories like Materials Engineering or highly refined specialists in areas like the use Jacobian matrix multivariable calculus in medical robotics. (No kidding.) Learn More About the Map Room and What You'll Find There.

  Resources & Tools

Way Better Patents™ assembled resources and cheatsheets to help you understand patents and the world of invention. There glossaries, explanations of the numbers and codes on patents, links to important academic research papers and articles on science and technology policy issues and The Way Better Patents Reading List. The Link-O-Matic that accompanies articles and resources at Way Better Patents™ includes links to background information on the articles and research.

Click the on any page to explore Resources and Tools.

Patents and Growth

The innovation process turns out to be intensely localized.
The Brookings Institute, 2013
Seventy-three percent (73%) of startups commercializing university technology have their principle place of business in their home state.
Association of University Techology Managers
Innovation could contribute to reduction in the use of low skilled labor. Patenting growth is associated with high wage jobs.
Clusters, Convergence, and Economic Performance, March 2011
Of 5,000 start-up companies, the share receiving venture capital financing — an indicator of market viability — was 14 times higher for companies with patents.
USPTO American Invents Act Implementation International Patent Protection for Small Business Report, 2012.
... the broader and deeper pool of accessible ideas and individuals, the more opportunities there are for innovation.
Gordon Moore, Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation and the author of Moore's Law.
Inventions, embodied in patents, are a major driver of long-term regional economic performance…
The Brookings Institute, 2013

About Way Better Patents

coin operated binoculars

Way Better Patents is an information products and digital publishing firm delivering actionable accessible data-driven information and intelligence on today's rapidly changine innovation economy. Way Better Patents uses open data and proprietary analytics to deliver products and services focused on the nature and scope of invention, why patents are important, and the nature of 21st century innovation.

Coming Soon™ products are designed to help you understand the local impact of invention, patents, and innovation in today's science and technology-centric economy. Our goal is to encourage broader discourse on the impact of patents and science and technology policy on local innovation. Business is global. Innovation is local.

About Our Products

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Way Better Patents is user-focused collaboration of patent and innovation professionals with a wide range of experience across the patentsphere. We love all aspects of patent data and analytics so please feel free to ask questions, point out areas that need improvement, throw out ideas for data focused research and analysis, or engage us in high-level conversations or down in the weeds patent geekery.

Way Better Patents uses responsive design so that you can access Way Better Patents resources from all of your mobile, desktop, and presentation devices. We offer a range of custom analytics, presentation materials, maps, and data sets and consulting services to support you.

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